Meet Leah Akey, Education Intern

21 Jul

Name: Leah Akey
Department: Education and Training
School/College/Univeristy: University of New Hampshire
Major: Studio Art/Information Technology
Year: 2012
Mentors/Bosses: Steven Kaplan, Education Associate
Current Projects: I’ve worked on different projects throughout the course of the internship in the Education Department, by volunteering at Education Department events such as the Young Ballet Dancer Workshop or ABTKids events at the Met.  Daily at the office I work on projects given to me by Steven or Dennis, the director of educational outreach.  These have included a wide range, from organizing data from past year’s ticket distribution, to faxing paperwork, to making games for kids workshops, and finally a daily job of selling discounted pointe shoes during the lunch break at the summer intensive training program.  More focused jobs included helping Steven with the ABTKids website by cutting out photographs in photoshop for him to use in the website.


ABT is a wonderful place to work!  I didn’t know what to expect coming into the internship but everyday was something new and exciting.  I wanted to work for ABT because I believe ABT is one of the best arts companies in the world,  and I wanted experience in an arts field.  The people are so nice and fun and I learned a lot about working in a non-profit arts company just by being there and observing, and learning to work with people.


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