The Furry Friends of ABT – Maggie

9 Aug
American Ballet Theatre. America’s National Ballet Company. Performs at the Metropolitan Opera House, tours internationally, and is, in all respects, a venerable artistic institution.
A venerable institution with a serious canine crush. ABT ❤ dogs. And the Development department, it appears, in particular.
Many of the dancers’ dogs are well-behaved enough to sit still, not offering a single “woof” in the studio during rehearsals. Perhaps as a result, their appearance is not an especially notable event. Contrast this with Development, where the appearance of Allison’s puppy is enough to stop the department in its tracks (yours truly included). As Ms. Derusha’s Shar Pei circles the department, one can’t help but coo, scratch behind the ears, and engage in a quick game of fetch. The same is true of Roxie’s arrival. With her appearance on Sarah M.’s arms, all those in the vicinity jump to their feet and gather around in a semi-circle, many dropping to our knees to whisper sweet nothings into the Yorkie’s tiny ears. We are reduced to jelly by the sight of fur.
ABT internships offer many exciting and valuable experiences. I’ve personally gotten to work the Spring Gala, circle the Met’s orchestra pit, and work on partners’ Corporate Box Nights; I’ve had the chance to work on proposals, create contracts, and write mailings; I’ve learned oodles within internship meetings and directly from my (ever-patient) supervisors; and I’ve gotten to see a heckuva lotta great dance. And what proves one of the most salient memories? The dogs.
Until, of course, Brannan’s baby boy toddles in for his next visit. Looking for me or my boss? Just follow the baby talk.

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