Project Outline for “Ballet for the New Audience Program”

25 Oct

by Elizabeth Stein, Creative Intern

Design Brief: To create a logo identity that would illustrate the mission of ABT’s Ballet for the New Audience, (BNA), as a program that broadens the interest of children and adolescents in classical dance. Since 2008, BNA has served as a series of original dance workshops that exposes young students to the beauty and admiration of ballet as an exquisite dance form. The workshop joins professional dancers with students with the intent to create an exciting dance production that fosters an appreciation for the performing arts.

Target: Young male students, specifically in private boy schools. Ranging from
ages 5-15 years old.

Design: To create an entity that not only encompasses the brand behind American Ballet Theatre, but as a traditional, regal, and historic dance institution, but to portray the relation between the professional dancer and adolescent as an admirable, inspirational, and aesthetic experience.

Application: To implement a logo design that can be applied to merchandise for BNA students, families and membership donors. The primary merchandise product will be a tote bag that serves a range of functions for both young children and their respective family members.

Process: To evaluate the integrity of the production process of the logo, the project was broken down in several stages:

1) Honor the design brief;

2) Research material for design inspiration;

3) Sketching and rendering with design software (Photoshop);

4)Prototyping and evaluating mid- process;

5) Company review (with ABT Director of Marketing and Brand Management);

6) Revisions and finishing tweaks.

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