The ABT Spring Gala

15 Jun

By Courtney Favini, Membership Intern 

Of all of the times to be an intern with ABT, the Spring Gala stands out as one of the most exciting events of the year. Several of us interns were lucky enough to be able to help out with and attend the gala. Although the day was exhausting to say the least, it turned out to be one my most favorite memories interning with ABT.

The day began at the Metropolitan Opera House tent at 10 am. Our first task was to go through and organize all of the place cards for the attendees. Then, these place cards needed to be put on the correct tables according to the diagrams. Last minute changes made the task a little hectic, but by the end of our work, every table was set and good to go for guests to arrive. Meanwhile, many of the interns helped place the favors- adorable red velvet cupcakes- and organize them in pyramids near the entrance for guests to take as they left the tent.

After the venue was set up and looking absolutely exquisite, the interns and many of the staff went to the ladies room to get ready for the night. Having a bathroom full of ex and current dancers proved to be extremely helpful in dolling ourselves up, as hairdos and make up techniques were shared.

Finally, the gala began and guests began to arrive. I got the privilege of being able to escort VIP guests to the entrance. Being able to interact with celebrities, fashion designers, and other huge names reminded me of what an incredible opportunity it is to intern for one of the prominent ballet companies in the world.

Once the performance was over, the interns helped direct guests to the tent. Then the fun began. Dancing the night away, the interns got the opportunity to have a fabulous night in one of the most spectacular venues in New York City. It was a night that none of us will forget!

ABT Interns all dressed up for the Spring Gala

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