Reflections: My Summer as an ABT Training Programs Intern

25 Jul

By Kiley Griffith, Training Programs Intern

I found the weekly meetings to be a very memorable part of my summer with ABT! The first meeting began with a few silly icebreakers, which prompted us interns to get to know each other over the course of the summer. It was very interesting to hear about what interns were doing in other departments.

Aside from initiating camaraderie, the ABT staff put a great deal of time and energy into mentoring us both as an intern group and individually. I feel as though the weekly intern meetings have really helped strengthen my candidacy for future internships and/or job pursuits. We covered the “art of the resume and cover letter” and spent a whole session on interviewing skills. I will never forget our game of intern interview jeopardy consisting of “good”, “bad”, and “ugly” questions. It was very entertaining to say the least!

I was very excited about the opportunity to listen to three very interesting speakers during our intern meetings. Melissa Bowman, the Assistant Principal of JKO and Artistic Director of Summer Intensives, described to us the inner workings of the Education Department. Following our discussion, the interns were invited to watch a class of the ABT Collegiate Summer Intensive. In another meeting, the Vice President and Treasurer of ABT’s Board of Governing Trustees, Brian Heidtke, spoke with us about the structural and financial dimensions of ABT. As the former Corporate Treasurer of Colgate (the toothpaste company) in New York City, one of the first questions he asked us was, “how many of you brush your teeth with Colgate?”  Finally, the Chief Financial Officer, Rachel Pivnick, detailed the aspects to ABT’s annual budget. Each speaker was very personable and presented a different side to the organization. Overall, I was inspired by each speaker’s commitment and enthusiasm for ABT.

This summer with ABT has been incredible! I have been given many opportunities to learn, all while having a great time. 


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