Speed Dating with Roundabout Interns

26 Jul

By Stephanie Villano, Institutional Support Intern

I am a rising junior at Rutgers University, majoring in Economics and pursing a minor in Business Technical Writing as well as Dance. I have always had a passion for the arts and have particularly had an eye out for an ABT Intern position for quite some time. I have been so fortunate to be a part this amazing organization and have learned some very vital things that will certainly help in my forthcomings. My position as Institutional Support Intern has allowed me to practice and perfect my professional writing skills as well as become familiar with how ABT acquires funding to remain America’s National Ballet Company.

My fellow ABT interns and I have been given the opportunity to attend many performances throughout the semester that can be added to our “cultural resumes”. We even had the chance to interact with interns from the Roundabout Theatre, also located in New York City, to gain knowledge on their tasks and responsibilities with the Company. After hosting Roundabout at the Met to see Firebird in June, they returned the favor and delighted us with a chance to see Harvey at Studio 54 starring Jim Parsons, also known as Sheldon from the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory.

The night began with dinner and a very quick “speed dating” session with the interns to get to know each a little better. With the start of each new conversation we were prompted to tell our name, where we are from, what we do at ABT/Roundabout, and a silly, random question to break the ice. It was nice to compare the duties of a ballet company to a theatre company and see what other opportunities are available to those who have an interest in arts administration.

After dinner, we walked a few blocks to the infamous Studio 54. The décor of the venue is very unique, with dark walls and prominent woodwork, accompanied by cheetah carpet. The house itself was also very impressive with steep mezzanine seating and a large dome in the ceiling with decorations and lighting as well. I was excited to see this show, not only because it starred a celebrity who I find absolutely hilarious but also because the storyline featured an imaginary rabbit! I am more accustomed to seeing musicals with singing and dancing, so Harvey was a great introduction to this whole other realm of theatre that I have to discover!

I cannot be more proud to be an ABT Intern, and am truly thankful for the opportunities that I have been given through this fulfilling program. I am saddened to be entering the final two weeks of this internship because this fairytale of a job will soon come to an end; but I will carry the experience and knowledge gained from my time here with me well into my future endeavors!


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