New York City Center Opening Night Gala

15 Nov

by John Ng, Special Events Intern

As I reflect on my experience at the New York City Center Opening Night Gala (the premier special event of the Fall Season), one word comes to mind: Whirlwind. I began my internship in the middle of September, exactly one month before the event. At this point, the Special Events team was already working in full swing in preparation for the event, so aside from having to learn all about ABT and adjusting to the new work environment, I had to dive right into the tasks! Every other hour, there were new items added to my to-do list. Fortunately, the team was supportive every step of the way throughout my learning experience.  For the preparation of the event, one of the projects I managed was to write out dinner place-cards for over 400 guests. Although it seemed tedious and laborious at first, it was actually one of the most enjoyable tasks. It gave me a chance to practice my penmanship, and I was able to learn a lot of names: Board members, high level supporters, dancers and staff; an opportunity to get to know the people that make ABT tick! Before we knew it, the big day arrived – October 16th – and those tireless hours of preparation were finally paying off! Everything went according to plan and the event was a tremendous success! With that said, it also made me realize that the success of an event relies heavily on solid preparation; and to work in Special Events one must pay great attention to detail and have a good sense of humor. Afterall, those late nights and weekends in the office would not be worthwhile if you can’t laugh a little!  To my mentors and colleagues in the Special Events team Brie, Katie & Maria: THANK YOU!


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