Working with ABT’s National Training Curriculum

20 Nov

by Alison Dambach, National Training Curriculum Intern

What an amazing and exciting time Iʼve had as an intern here at American Ballet Theatre! I have had the privilege of working as the National Training Curriculumʼs intern under Meghan Love and Jenna Bitterman for the past semester and Iʼve truly loved every minute of it. Currently Iʼm working towards my Masterʼs degree in Dance Education: ABT Ballet Pedagogy at NYU, where Iʼm training in the National Training Curriculum (NTC). Being able to learn the curriculum at the same time as working in the NTC department has been such a great opportunity. During my time as an intern, Iʼve been able to see and help with all that goes into teacher trainings, affiliate exams, and certification renewals. I believe this internship has helped shown me what a true honor is it to become ABT NTC certified; something that I hope to accomplish in my next semester.

If it werenʼt for Dennis, Jenna, Meghan, and the entire Education Department at ABT, I definitely would not have enjoyed my time as an intern nearly as much. The entire department is so friendly and willing to help in any way they can. Iʼm so thankful for this semester spent as an ABT intern – an experience I will cherish for a long time coming.

Raymond Lukens leading an NTC session (Photo: Rosalie O’Connor)

Raymond Lukens leading an NTC session (Photo: Rosalie O’Connor)

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