2 Schools, 1 Week!

20 Jun

My second full week as an intern for the Department of Educational Outreach was incredibly busy. We started two pilot programs in one week, the first at Lycée Francais de New York, a private school on the Upper East Side  and the other was the launch of an after school model of ABT’s Make a Ballet program at P.S. 188 in Queens. Because there are only four of us in the Outreach department we all had to pitch in.



I started my week at Lycée Francais de New York.   ABT was giving a demonstration on character development with ABT Dancer Roman Zhurbin, to all of the kids who were participating in the program (approximately 90 fifth graders). I had been working on the PowerPoint for the presentation the week before and was there to observe. The children would be working on developing their own animal characters for the rest of the week inspired by Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnaval des Animaux.  (Carnival of the Animals)


I started my morning at Lycée again, helping the Education Associate put up a mural of animals in the hallway. I also assisted in a photo shoot with the kids where each worked with a professional photographer to create their  own original animal. I then left Lycée to go to PS 188 in Queens where I spent my afternoon working with our design teaching artist and a group of fourth graders designing and painting the set for the new Make a Ballet program.


Thursday was a day consumed by PS 188. In the morning I met my mentor at the ABT studios to load all of the technical equipment for Friday’s show into a van. We drove it out to PS 188 and began setting up for the following day. I also assisted with the fourth graders once again. Since there was so much work that had to get done, I ended up painting multiple canvases to speed up the process.

Friday: Show time

I started my morning off at PS 188, I met the Artistic Coordinator for Educational Outreach at Penn Station at 6:45am to catch a train out to the school. We had our final performance that morning, which went great. We only had four days to work with the kids and put together the ballet (they had worked on it two days the prior week) and it looked as good as one of our full blown Make a Ballet performances. To make us feel even more accomplished the parents and principal loved it.

The moment the show was over my mentor and I drove back to Lycée for their final presentation. The residency there had been going on that whole week and you could tell the kids had a blast.

It was a whirlwind week, on top of my classes at NYU, but it was completely worth it. By Friday I felt as if I was a full fledge member of the education department.

 Erin Echols- 

Educational Outreach Intern-  Spring 2013

Photo Shoot at Lycée Francais de New York with Matthew Murphy

Photo Shoot at Lycée Francais de New York with Matthew Murphy



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