Just for Interns

20 Jun

The weekly intern meeting with Dennis Walters and Brannan Berman, the American Ballet Theatre internship coordinators, gives interns in their respective departments the chance to meet each other and discuss their current projects, upcoming events, and struggles throughout the duration of the program.

Every Friday morning, all of the interns have their time sheets signed by their mentors, and they make their way over to the conference room. Not only do interns have the chance to share with their peers what they’ve done that week, but Dennis and Brannan also provide workshops on topics like resumes, cover letters, and interview skills, or host a guest speaker from one of ABT’s many departments.

Speakers that have attended intern meetings include the CEO, Rachel Moore, the CFO, Rachel Pivnick, the Company Manager, Kyle Pickles, and the Director of Marketing and Brand Management, Jim Timm. Each speaker shared his or her story, and then let the interns ask questions as they please. Having access to the people that make American Ballet Theatre run the way it does is an incredible part of the intern program, and listening to the stories of some of ABT’s leaders is not only educational, but inspiring.

Once, instead of our regular intern meeting, Dennis took us to a local public school to witness the Make a Ballet program, part of ABT’s community outreach. In addition to our field trip to the local school, ABT interns got the chance to see Big Knife on Broadway and have dinner with interns from the Roundabout Theatre Company.

All in all, the program provides support and guidance for its interns, and helps bridge the gap between school and work. Having the opportunity to meet other interns and the staff from other departments ensures that there is a friendly face around every corner in the office. Being an intern at ABT has been a pleasure, and I will always cherish the experience and miss coming into work every day!

-Diana Faust, Special Events-Spring 2013

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