Membership, Tickets, and Studio Visits

20 Jun

A large part of membership for American Ballet Theatre’s Development department consists of mailings and data entry.  Even though both of these activities can be as monotonous as they sound, they are a vital part of the department and let you extremely appreciate the hard work that gets put into each and every letter and ticket purchase.  In the membership department, each member of the Golden Circle gets to order tickets through the Ticketing Associate.  This associate’s job is to ensure each and every purchased ticket is as close to the member’s preferences.  To give a little perspective, there are over 600 members of the Golden Circle that ABT aims to give individual attention.  My job as the intern is to help check, recheck, and then enter the information into the system to ensure accurate records are kept so tickets are kept track of and members are satisfied!  Furthermore, I gradually became in charge of ticket mailings and confirmations.  Now, that the season has begun, and members are able to enjoy their seats it is fantastic to see first hand how everything fits together to ensure a great experience at the ballet for everyone, this includes Studio Visits.

Studio visits are events that I have been fortunate enough to experience.  They are set up so ABT supporters of certain levels can experience behind the scenes of what goes into a Ballet.  Studio visits give members a sneak peak into rehearsals.  Getting to watch ABT principal and soloist dancers in their element, up close and personal was a chance to see Ballet from a whole new perspective.  You watch the dancers do their individual warm-ups and make mistakes and change their movements based on suggestions from the Ballet Masters/Mistresses.  You also get to see, up close, all the immense effort and work these dancers must put in to make their craft look beautiful and effortless.  I was told this is an event that donors look forward to and it was so gratifying to meet the donors whose tickets I had been processing and finally put faces to names!  Being able to be a part of this event was fun whether it was watching principle dancers practice Don Quixote or striking 30 chairs from four studios in literally 5 minutes, it was an experience that I am glad I can say I have! 

Jaclyn Lacamera

Membership Intern- 


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