Guest Speaker: CEO Rachel Moore

13 Aug
Marketing Intern Anne Sharpe with ABT CEO Rachel Moore

Marketing Intern Anne Sharpe with ABT CEO Rachel Moore

As a former ABT corps de ballet dancer, Rachel Moore’s passion for ballet and the company has been present since her childhood.  Her journey towards becoming the CEO of America’s National Ballet Company grew from her involvement with various arts non-profits, including the National Endowment for the Arts.  We learned that her position is highly intertwined with every department of ABT, including the creative side. Acting as a bridge between art and business, she orchestrates how fundraising, marketing, ticket sales, and the budget all function to create one cohesive ballet company.

The part I found most interesting is how she created a brand that defined the company’s goals and standards as artists:

(1)  ABT as a Leader in the creation of art, presenting world class versions of dance.

(2)  ABT as a Leader of arts education, teaching students and instructors alike healthy, classical ballet.

(3)    Maintaining a national presence in the arts.

(4)    Serve as ambassadors of American art and culture.

These four components put into simple words how I would describe American Ballet Theatre to any random person I met on the street. It was a great experience hearing how each our jobs tie into Ms. Moore’s overall vision of ABT.

The meeting ended with all of us discussing the path between being an intern and having the career of our dreams. After hearing her experiences, the road seems a little less hazy than it did even a month ago.

Anne Sharpe

Marketing Intern

Summer 2013

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