A Great First Week!

12 Jun

I have only been working as the Education Outreach Intern at ABT for less than a week, but already it has been a great experience.

On my first day of work, I entered 890 Broadway somewhat nervously.  But as I sat in the lobby, waiting for the orientation to begin, I met most of the other interns – each one friendly, bubbly, and excited to be here.  Right off the bat, I had a good feeling about what this summer would bring.

The orientation was quite laid-back and fun.  We played an icebreaker – two truths and a lie, chatted, and joked over pizza, and then answered the most important question of the day – “What is your favorite M&M color?”

Green, of course!

I think I passed the test 😉

We did take care of the necessary logistics, too.  Dennis Walters, the Associate Director of Education and Training and the head of the internship program, explained details of the contract, walked us through the calendar of events (which is very exciting!), and answered our questions. Then, off we went! Each to our respective departments to meet with our mentors about our specific duties.

Since I am the Education Outreach Intern, I work closely with Dennis Walters on a number of projects, including Young Peoples Ballet Workshops, pre-performance workshops, and the Make a Ballet program.  But the very first thing I was trained in was the archival of the Summer Intensive Program DVDs.  Though I made a few silly blunders at first (I’ll blame it on the nerves), Dennis took everything in stride, with a large dose of patience and a great sense of humor.

As if my first day on the job hadn’t been exciting enough, I jumped on the subway after work to go see Julie Kent and Roberto Bolle perform in Manon at the Metropolitan Opera House.  5th row center orchestra!  Not bad for $25 student rush tickets! What a spectacular way to end a great day.

Day 2 was very different, but just as enjoyable.  I got to accompany Dennis to PS20 – a public elementary school in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  It was such a treat to see the 5th grade class put on their end-of-year show – the culmination of weeks of collaborative work between the students, their teachers, a program called Rosie’s Theater Kids, and ABT staff members.  I couldn’t help but smile with delight watching these kids perform with so much enthusiasm!  They weren’t afraid to put themselves out there, fully extended jazz hands and all!  However cliché this may sound, there’s really no better way to put it – the pure joy that they found in dancing was both utterly contagious and incredibly inspiring.

If the first two days of my internship are any indication of how the rest of the summer is going to play out, I can’t wait.


Ileana Riveron

Education Outreach Intern

Summer 2014

The 5th grade students of P.S 20 enjoying a moment after their final showcase with Rosie's Theatre Kids

The 5th grade students of P.S 20 enjoying a moment after their final showcase with Rosie’s Theatre Kids

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