Dedication and Commitment: Members and the Membership Department

6 Aug

One of the most interesting aspects of being an American Ballet Theatre intern in the membership department is actually interacting with the donors during the Met Season. Through special events such as the Golden Circle Luncheon and by working at the membership table, I really had the chance to gain some perspective on how a non-profit arts organization actually works. It is amazing to see how the membership and development departments care so much about all the donors, and how they work so many hours during the season to see that patrons at every level are able to enjoy the beautiful ballets and all the benefits that come with membership.

Developing actual relationships with the donors gave me a glimpse into the real work that the membership department does. By meeting and talking to all the patrons during my time at the Met, I could see that they all really care about ABT and about the art of ballet itself.

The Golden Circle Luncheon, held in honor of Mr. Brian J. Heidtke, was one of the most unique and interesting events to help out as a membership intern. The luncheon is held annually for ABT’s Golden Circle members, who are crucial to the company. The planning that went into the event was immense but rewarding. From mailing tickets, invitations and acknowledgements, to creating, printing, and folding programs, there was a lot to be done in preparation for the event. At The Plaza Hotel, we began our day bright and early, setting all the gift bags, programs, and place cards at each table and getting ready for the guests to start arriving to check-in. The event moved smoothly from The Plaza to the Met for the dress rehearsal. It was amazing to see how an event of that caliber was prepared for and run in such a smooth fashion. Again, it just reminded of how the membership department works tirelessly for all the patrons to honor and thank them for their incredible support to the company.

Working at ABT this summer has been such a gratifying experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity!

Shivani Badgi

Membership Intern

Summer 2014

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