My Friend, Pat

26 Aug

Throughout my time at ABT, I have made a great friend at work–Pat. Although we did not get along at first and someone had to teach us how to work together, we eventually became close friends.

Mailing is constant here at ABT, and I had to work with Pat often. He can do amazing things! He can seal your envelopes and he knows how to pull the letters through a conveyor belt to postmark them. You can easily send something to another country by selecting an international letter on his program.

Though he makes life easier, he can also decide to act up. He will stop working and say he has to “warm up.” Or, he holds onto a letter and will not let go until you yank it away from him. We will be working on a large project, and then he decides that he does not have the funds to finish and stops working. Of course, all the problems are resolved with the help of someone else or just taking a moment and revisiting the issue later. Simply restarting has fixed many of our problems. All in all, we had some good times together.

Pat, if you have not have guessed, is our postage machine. It may seem weird to write about a mail machine’s importance, but around the development office, we would be lost without it. Huge mailings are sent out before large events, including member ticketing privileges. Whenever donations are received, donors receive letters in the mail explaining their membership or thanking them for their gift. During our performance seasons, we send out a lot of information, such as dress rehearsal tickets. In general, the department’s primary form of communication relies on ground mail. Without Pat, the development office would have a much harder time sending important information to donors (and we would have to lick a lot of envelopes!).

Taylor Logan

Membership Intern

Summer 2014

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