The Box Office is Open!

30 Mar

Sunday, March 22 at 9am is when The Metropolitan Opera’s box office officially opened, but that isn’t where my excitement began. I began my internship on the day of ABT’s 75th birthday celebration at Alice Tully Hall, which also served as a kick-start into ABT’s Spring Season. There were key speakers that summed up the company’s 75-year history in addition to a sneak peak of the soon-to-be aired PBS documentary.

In addition to the anniversary, there are many aspects that make this season one to remember. ABT recently premiered The Sleeping Beauty in California, which will now to move to NYC. This season also features farewell performances celebrating the careers of principal dancers Paloma Hererra, Julie Kent and Xiomara Reyes. This season will be especially engaging for ABT’s numerous members.

As a membership intern, I have the opportunity to assist in an area seen as highly important to donors at the Sponsor level and above- Patron Ticketing. As previous interns have discussed, donors are most likely to give money to an organization serving a mission they are passionate about. Performances are one of the best ways for donors to see their impact firsthand and serve as an opportunity for them to interact with the organization.

As I am sure you can imagine, an 8-week season has numerous ticketing options. There are even more options this season due to the numerous special performances. It is part of my job to make sure each order is processed with extreme attention to detail. This

is crucial when patron ticketing is a benefit widely appreciated by many members. Every order is double checked, but there are so many components of each request that it can be challenging to catch each error. There are common mix-ups such as matinee vs. evening performances and the various ticket prices. However, making donors happy and excited for the upcoming season is what makes double and triple checking each order worth it.

Now that the box office is open, there is even more anticipation setting in. Get your tickets quick!

Chelsea Moskal

Membership Intern

Spring 2015

ABT's 75th Anniversary Celebration

ABT’s 75th Anniversary Celebration at Alice Tully Hall

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