Marketing, Meat Judging and Ethan Stiefel

19 Jul

Intern Name: Cameron Morgan – @CameronMorgan_1 on Twitter/Instagram
Intern Department: Marketing
Intern Dates: Summer 2015

School/College/University: University of Oklahoma
Major: Ballet Performance & Public Relations
Year: Rising senior
Mentors/Bosses: Jim Timm, Dan Casatelli, Stephanie Rainess & Kristen McGuire
Fun Fact: I was a nationally ranked meat science judge through 4-H in high school. (Just ask Dennis)

Current Projects I worked on: A super-duper hush-hush project (!!!), research for the Fall 2015 Season (lots of new ballets and company premieres!), merchandising during shows at the Met, distributing promotional material for the Summer 2015 Met Season, and basically anything and everything they ask me to do!

* * *

This summer, I had the great fortune to intern with American Ballet Theatre. I worked in the Marketing Department and my responsibilities ranged from research to copyediting, with nearly everything in between. (But, I didn’t have to shred anything, make copies or fetch coffee, so that’s good!)

I loved coming to “work” every day here at American Ballet Theatre. In fact, they almost had to keep me from coming to the office! I’ve gotten to help on a number of projects that were essential to the marketing efforts of ABT, and I had fun doing it. I’ve learned a lot about the history of the company, both from an artistic and executive standpoint. And, what better season to intern at ABT than the 75th Anniversary?

As an aspiring professional dancer myself, I reveled in the fact that I got to see so many ballets this summer while working the merchandising boutiques at the Metropolitan Opera House. Honestly, what better inspiration than to see firsthand some of the greatest dancers in the world? In addition, I got to meet so many longtime supporters of Ballet Theatre, many of whom came night after night, show after show. Finally, I got to talk with many of the long-time volunteers and ushers who have watched ABT dancers for years.

This marketing internship combined my two passions, ballet and communication. I was able to see the behind-the-scenes of one of the greatest ballet companies in the world. I realized, in real-time, the impact of marketing and promotional efforts. Especially through social media, I was able to see how audiences reacted to the materials that we created and presented to them (photos and videos are extremely popular).

Overall, this internship has solidified my long-term goal: owning a public relations/marketing agency that caters to the needs of performing and fine arts organizations and the arts & culture sector. I found out obstacles that I would face in that endeavor as well – namely affordability, feasibility and artistic approval. However, in an effort to attract new audiences and retain current ones for the arts, we must find new ways to promote and connect with them. In the future, I hope to be able to take the experience that I have gained with ABT and use it in my career to help build the widest possible audience for the arts.

I’d like to thank all of the people here at ABT who I have met and who have invested their time in me. This has been a great and rewarding experience and I am grateful for the opportunity!
If you would like, please feel free to follow along as I strive for my goals by connecting with me on Twitter and Instagram at @CameronMorgan_1 or online at

Until next time!

Cameron Morgan

Marketing Intern

Summer 2015

Best day on the job? Meeting long-time dance hero, Ethan Stiefel!

Best day on the job? Meeting long-time dance hero, Ethan Stiefel!

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