Cheers to Misty!

2 Aug

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to intern at American Ballet Theatre!  I worked with Special Events in the Development department.  This summer was especially important for ABT because it was the 75th Anniversary!   Some of the tasks I worked on while there were finalizing budgeting for the Spring 2015 Gala, sending Thank You letters, choosing and sending out Fall Gala invitations, and creating photo galleries on the website.  However, I have to admit that the best days were the days I was actually working events!

Since I began right in the heart of the MET season, there were several occasions where I was working there instead of at 890 Broadway.  I got to assist at dress rehearsals, board meetings, and other exciting events.  Soon enough I knew the backstage of the MET like the back of my own hand!  One of the best occasions was actually a day where there were two separate events scheduled for the same time.  One was an event with American Girl (which was absolutely adorable).  Girls, mothers and dolls were invited to a matinee show of Swan Lake, which also happened to be Misty Copeland’s premier as Odette.  After the performance, they were all invited to a private “milk and cookie” reception upstairs in the Belmont Room.  One of the swans even made a special appearance to take photos with the girls.  They were definitely a little shocked to see a “real live ballerina!”  Before leaving, all girls and dolls received a little goodie bag.  It was so much fun!

Meanwhile, one floor up was a special cocktail party for Misty Copeland.  One of our donors wanted to congratulate Misty on her premier as Odette, so he donated several cases of champagne for a toast.  Many of Misty’s close friends and relatives were invited to celebrate.  She made a very heartfelt speech and even shed a few tears!  Everyone was enjoying it so much that we accidentally stayed past the closing time for the MET (oops, sorry guys).  It was definitely a hectic but exciting evening.

Now, with only two weeks left for us summer interns, I’m starting to reflect on everything I’ve learned and all the new experiences I’ve gained during the last six weeks.  This has been an incredible summer for me, and I want to thank everyone at ABT for giving me this opportunity!

Kristina Weston

Special Events Intern

Summer 2015

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