ABT Studio Visits

26 Apr


If you donate $900 or more annually to ABT you can enjoy the perk of sitting in on two hours of Company rehearsal with coffee and light breakfast beforehand. Studio Visit days are exciting not only for the patrons coming to see rehearsal, but also for the staff that volunteer to help. I have been fortunate enough to have worked all three Studio Visits this Spring.


My duties included making sure patrons were in the correct studio, answering any questions, and maintaining a quiet atmosphere to respect the privilege of sitting in on rehearsal. Even though I was working, witnessing the work behind the artistry during rehearsal was such a treat that it didn’t feel like work. As a dancer myself, I can no longer kick my face like I used to but I will always appreciate the physicality that goes into every movement. The communication through body language and problem solving between the dancers to quickly learn choreography and then make it effortless is the epitome of teamwork.


Some of the rehearsals I had the pleasure of watching include Chamber Symphony with soloists and Corps de Ballet Men, La Fille mal gardée with the soloist and Corps de Ballet Ladies, Pas de Deux with Maria Kochetkova and Herman Cornejo, and variations with Hee Seo and Veronika Part, to name a few. After rehearsals, patrons have often told me what a treat it is to witness the work behind the artistry and see the interaction between the dancers and the ballet masters.


As a dancer, I know so much hard work goes into every performance, but being able to watch the rehearsals of these amazing professionals makes me even more excited for the Spring Season at the MET starting May 9th.


Martha Dobbs


Major Gifts Intern


Spring 2016

4.15 Studio Visit Blog

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