You Think You’d be Starstruck….

26 Apr

When asked to write a blog post about my internship at American Ballet Theatre, I wasn’t sure what to say. There have been so many wonderful things about the experience so far, it’s hard to choose just one to focus on. Most people probably want to hear about the times I met famous ABT dancers. I could tell you about the time I met Sascha Radetsky (Center Stage fans should be jealous), or that one day I ran into Misty Copeland in the stairwell, or the time that I swear Herman Cornejo walked past me in the hallway (yes, he is as amazing in person as he is in photos). But those things actually become a norm when you’re here. You think you’d be starstruck, which sometimes I am, but everyone makes you feel so welcome that it becomes a comfortable environment for you. Plus, there are simply so many more important things to tell you about.


As the Educational Outreach intern, I want to tell you about the experiences I have had with the children who participate in the different ABT programs. I’m an Arts Administration major at Rider University so I have taken classes in Education and Outreach. However, I didn’t quite understand how important outreach programs are until I saw them first-hand. My favourite part of my internship is when I have interaction with students, whether that means traveling to New York City public schools, or having on-site programs here at ABT.


When I’ve visited schools for Make A Ballet programs, I’ve helped with arts and craft classes and photographed their final performance. Watching the children dance in the Make A Ballet programs is such a heartwarming experience. Most of these students have never danced before, and here they are performing for their fellow classmates. The smile on their faces just says it all, and that’s when you start to realize how important outreach is. We all love this art form already, that’s why you’re here reading my blog. But imagine if you were never introduced to it. The work that American Ballet Theatre’s education department does is nothing short of incredible.


Walking into 890 Broadway, I don’t always know what to expect. Will there be a school here for a program? What projects will I be working on? All I know is the work that I do is meaningful and useful, and I am never stuck filing. The internship program here is a real program – they want you to learn! Whether I’m personally working on something, or simply sit in on a meeting about a particular project, I am always included in the conversation because they want me to learn the ins and outs of the education department.
This internship has confirmed what I want to do with my career in Arts Administration, and that’s all because of the incredible experiences and mentorship I’ve had here at ABT. Each day I learn so much and am so grateful to be here. American Ballet Theatre has a wonderful internship program, and I hope you have just as much of an amazing experience as I have!

Mia Bowyer

Educational Outreach Intern

Spring 2016

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