Almost as Impressive as the Gala

26 May



My semester as the Special Events Intern was centered around ABT’s annual Spring Gala. I worked on numerous projects, preparing thank you notes, recording RSVPs, and creating a Face Book so we could easily recognize VIPs, all in preparation for the Gala. A highly anticipated event, I expected it to be the best part of my internship.


I was correct, the Gala was an incredible night, and something that I couldn’t believe I was actually experiencing. From the glamorous red carpet arrivals to the dinner reception filled with flowers and sparkling chandeliers, the entire event was spectacular. It was the perfect way to conclude everything I learned, experienced, and worked on during the course of my internship.


Without a doubt, the Gala was the highlight of my time at ABT, but there was a close second. The next best part of my internship – almost as impressive as experiencing the Gala come to fruition – were the dogs of ABT. The Company’s fluffy, well-behaved mascots were a constant presence in the studios and around the office; an instant morale boost for everyone they came across. Whether sitting patiently under the barre while their owners rehearsed or following their noses down the hallway and peeking into offices, the ABT dogs made my day everyday with their perfect manners and complete lovability.


This internship has given me many new skills and a heart full of memories that I will take away with me. I will remember the first time I completed a project and distributed it to the Development department and I will remember the feeling of accomplishment when I observed little aspects of my work in play at the Gala. But one of the most delightful memories will be the surprise I felt the first time a furry little dog with its floppy ears and wet nose accidentally found its way to my desk before scampering off down the hallway; simply happy to be there, just like me.


Piper Joy

Special Events Intern

Spring 2016

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