My ABT Experience

21 Nov

After attending American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive Program from 2010-2012, it has always been a dream of mine to return to 890 Broadway. I have felt a strong connection to ABT ever since then because I have kept up with the whereabouts of the dancers I met in the Intensive who are now company members. I became friendly and familiar with numerous dancers in the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis School who had attended the Summer Intensive. Over the years, I continued to follow these dancers on social media and keep up with their whereabouts in the dance world. It is exciting to see dancers like Cassie Trenary advance through the company from a corp de ballet member to a soloist. I remember admiring her when we danced on the same stage in the Summer Intensive program.

My experience in the ABT internship program has been a unique experience. I am lucky enough to hold two positions. I am the Development Assistant intern and the Special Events intern.  I am incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to work in two departments because it deepens my overall understanding of arts administration. The two teams are in the Development Department. Interning for both teams gives me the ability to see connections and overlaps within the department. For example, as the Development Assistant intern, I work with the Board of Trustees. Over the past couple months, I became familiar with their names. When I was given the task from the Special Events team to send an LA Benefit invite to a Board member, it was gratifying to be familiar with the name.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the ABT team. The ABT staff and interns are extremely supportive. During the first week of the program, I created a groupchat that allows us to write any questions or comments. Our weekly internship meeting often includes pizza! These meetings feature speakers from different departments giving us an idea of their positions. It has been a pleasure working alongside the staff members in the Development Department. They are helpful and passionate about what they are doing. I cannot express enough how this has been the best experience!

abtgalalalaMaddie Ricca

Development Assistant Intern and Special Events Intern

Fall 2017

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