Balancing College and ABT

12 Dec

Looking back on the past few months, it’s pretty clear that the time I’ve spent at ABT has taught me more than I ever could have imagined upon first sending in my application. I began my time here just as I was starting my first semester of college, so I was honestly pretty clueless coming into it. Luckily, the amazing people around me made it a great experience, so I’d like to share more about what it was like to have ABT as the home of my first internship.

Before I started, the idea of some random teenager like me working at such a well-known company was honestly pretty daunting. Constantly met with warnings from friends and family that balancing an internship and a college course load would be extremely difficult, I was pretty nervous about it all. I knew that I wanted to work hard and that it would be an amazing experience, but I was still scared that I would overwhelm myself.

Now I know that these moments of doubt were completely unnecessary! I found that accepting the internship was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because I learned so much about the work that the Development department does. Not only that, but I got to have a lot of fun while working on projects in the office and while helping out at ABT’s awesome events like the Fall Gala at the Koch Theatre!

Managing an internship at ABT and the transition into college at the same time never really felt like a challenge to me. It required slightly better time-management than just being a full-time student, but my mentor really scheduled me to work very reasonable hours. I never felt like I was overwhelmed at all. In general, everyone in the organization was a lot of fun to work with, so the environment always made going into work just feel like a nice break from the stress of my classes.

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to begin my time in college while working at such a wonderful organization and I encourage all who are thinking of applying to go for it!

Kasey Gelsomino

Patron Services Intern

Fall 2017

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