Special Moments at 890

1 Jun

No matter how many times I walk into 890 Broadway I’ll never get over that I get to intern for such an amazing organization. Everyday something happens that makes me love ABT more and more. However although there are many instances like this there is one in particular that I’ll truly never forgot: my first studio visit. Now ever since I was a young dancer I loved Misty Copeland. To put it into perspective every time I had to do a project on someone who I admire she was the first one I chose. One extremely  lucky day I was given an opportunity that 4year old me would be screaming about. I was able to watch a private rehearsal of Misty. I remember sitting down next to one of  ABT’s faculty and asking him who we would be watching today and he said “oh there has been a schedule change and we’ll be watching Misty solo rehearsal”. She then walked in and I just glued my eyes on her taking in the moment. I knew working at ABT maybe I would see her in passing but never did I think I would be able to watch her in a rehearsal setting. Unexpected moments like this make me realize how lucky I am to be an ABT intern. Although I stopped dancing three years ago I’m able to go into work and be around this beautiful art form 24/7. Now at the end of my first semester I’ve learned how truly grateful I am grateful for my time so far at ABT and how excited I am to continue my internship for the summer!

Alexandria Manzi

Special Events Intern

Spring 2018

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