Looking at ABT through a new Lens

25 Jul


I would recommend anyone interested in interning at ABT to most definitely apply, It is such a rewarding experience that demonstrates the inner workings of a ballet company, as well as what it means to be a part of a non-profit organization. I am a Photography Intern working with the Marketing department for the the summer. This internship really gives you a great feel for what a profession would be like in a non-profit organization and what it means to work in the various departments within ABT. The meetings held every Friday range from learning the basics of a nonprofit organization, to meeting various employees throughout ABT, to getting a backstage tour of the Met.

One of the most rewarding experiences was getting to photograph “Incubator” the new choreographic project being launched. It was so inspiring to see the various choreography pieces and to be part of a project that I was passionate about! This internship pushes your boundaries in a way that keeps you challenged and inspired to create the best possible material to help ABT succeed.

Working as an intern with ABT is not your typical internship. The people around you genuinely want to help you grow and challenge you. Through this process I was given many projects that were not in my initial skill set, but forced me to really learn something new, such as video production. The projects you get really can make a difference and are put to use by ABT, you never get busy work or the stereotypical coffee runs. Being around passionate people who love what they do is rare to come by and makes for an inspiring place to work at.

Emily Northrop

Marketing Intern

Summer 2018

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