Dedication in the Community

26 Jul

JennainternphotoWhen reflecting on my time spent at American Ballet Theatre, the word that comes to mind which collectively embodies everyone at the American Ballet Theatre (in my opinion) is dedication. Before this internship, from an outsider’s perspective, I recognized the dedication of the dancers. Once you enter the world of ABT, there is an overwhelming sense of passion and dedication streaming from every member of the ABT community from the dancers to the musicians, and everyone in the offices at 890 Broadway.

I had the absolute privilege of working with the American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School for my internship this summer. Getting to work with and observe the strong, intelligent women who make all the operations of the school run (and run smoothly at that) was inspiring to say the least. The JKO School operates on an academic year schedule which means it is closed during the summer. Nevertheless, the work never stops and I was so happy to get to help with projects like new student registration, costume organization, doing research for the upcoming year’s handbook and more. Also, I got to work with the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company doing research for the 2019-2020 season, and I got to help with organization for the Summer Intensive- which is in full swing during the summer. While the office is always busy and buzzing, the energy is positive and motivating.

One of the most unique parts of this internship experience was the intern workshops we got to participate in, as well as the intern weekly meetings we had. Not only did I get to see the main company perform during their Spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House, but I got to go on a backstage tour of the Met! We also have a partnership with the Roundabout Theater Company and we got to see a production at one of their main theaters. Art forms supporting other art forms is one of my favorite things. On a more academic note, this internship provided me with relevant experience in this field and I was offered some valuable advice about my resumes and cover letters, and information about non-profits and arts administration. We were lucky enough to get to spend time with some incredible people and leaders in the ABT community during our weekly intern meetings and my notebook is full of helpful tips from the professionals in this organization. The interns at the American Ballet Theatre are treated so well, and the employees here really want us to grow as young professionals and they will do anything to help us. Everyone was so accommodating whenever I had a question, no matter how silly it was.

From the young kids at the JKO School who spend hours at the studios every day, to the staff, and the parents, and the musicians, the finance managers, and the photographers, the artistic staff, and of course the dancers, everyone is striving to fulfill the mission of American Ballet Theatre day in and day out. Dedication is a necessity at American Ballet Theatre. I so appreciate all the people who helped me even when their hands were in twelve different pots because it’s a team effort at ABT. Even as an intern, I felt needed. I certainly developed a strong passion and dedication to this company and this position- so thank you, ABT. All my love,


Jenna Berloni

JKO School Intern

Summer 2018

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