Endless Discoveries at 890

30 Jul

MaddyinternphotoWhat a summer it has been at 890 Broadway! I have had the pleasure of being one of the two National Training Curriculum interns this summer and I have truly not experienced a dull day at the office. Admittedly, the majority of my ABT experiences were limited to the Education Department, but what a place to be. The fourth floor could not have been a more energetic work environment. Between the excitement of soon-to-be certified teachers walking through, summer intensive students running to class, ballet teachers and pianists looking for class schedules, employees happily answering questions and devotedly doing their work, the occasional principal dancers (current + former) waltzing through the office, and the NTC interns taking laps between the computer and the copier’s multipurpose tray, it’s hard to keep up with the happenings in Education. This may all seem overwhelming upon first glance, but this liveliness is matched by true passion and enthusiasm from each of the staff members and it is evident in their work.

It was truly eye-opening to see the importance of organization in such a busy environment as the ABT administrative offices. Specifically in NTC, the orderly systems in place proved to be essential for the success of the programs. Without the high level of organization and the careful amount of attention granted towards seemingly mundane paperwork, the NTC teacher training sessions and affiliate exams would not run as smoothly as they do. This organization also allowed us (the interns) to create exam certificates and update the database to register teachers on the first day of work. The ability to use and create organizational systems is one important skill I will take away from my summer at ABT. I am confident that I will use this in every job I encounter.

While the Education Department is vast and occupies a whole floor of office space, it is only one of many departments at ABT. And within Education, NTC employs three wonderful staff members and two interns and takes up a “pod” in the office, but it represents only a fraction of what the department does as a whole. A highlight from this summer was assisting in a pre-performance workshop for Whipped Cream at the Met, where I got to help lead a class for baby ballerinas. It was so exciting to see another sector of the Education team working to fulfill ABT’s mission statement.

As to why I chose “discovery” to describe my ABT experience: One of my favorite and most rewarding aspects of this internship has been our Friday intern meetings. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to employees from different departments talk about their role in the realm of ABT. I especially loved learning about the structure of a nonprofit from Dennis Walters and how a mission statement drives an organization. With each new speaker that graced the interns with their presence, I discovered a new field of arts administration and the nonprofit world that appeals to me. I left each Friday meeting feeling completely inspired and eager to discover more. I am writing this on the eve of our final true Friday intern meeting. (I am not counting intern brunch as an educational meeting, although I’m excited!) Tomorrow, we are meeting with an employee from the Finance Department. Being a math-minded, constantly curious person, I am looking forward to learning about how ABT’s budget is crafted and how budgetary decisions are made. If I had endless time as an ABT intern, I would arrange informational interviews with every employee in the company to learn more. Constant discovery in an area that I am passionate about is such a joy and has made for unforgettable summer at ABT.

Maddy Paull

National Training Curriculum Intern

Summer 2018

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