Tapping Into Turnout

1 Oct


I am four weeks into a Fall internship here at American Ballet Theatre and I can already say it is the best internship I could ever imagine for myself. I am split between two departments, special events and development, and as someone who loves to be busy it is the ideal work environment for me. When I complete a task in development, whether it be updating the yearly Board Book, reformatting pledge reminder letters or even setting up for board member visits in the dancer’s lounge, I can just walk past studio 1 and get to work on a project in special events! This past week at ABT has been my best yet and is what inspired me to write this blog post so early into my time here as an intern.

On Tuesday we had an all staff meeting and being in the room with such an amazingly talented and dedicated group of people was a privilege I did not take for granted. Principal dancers and staff alike listened intently as Kevin McKenzie revealed the Spring Season and Ormsby Wilkins told a fascinating anecdote about Rachmaninoff’s initial failure as a composer, allegedly due to a drunk conductor! Michelle Dorrance also spoke about her new work for the company and how special it is to work with such intelligent and open-minded artists. From what I have seen (and heard) in the studios, you are not going to want to miss seeing this piece for yourself!

Thursday came around and it was Junior Turnout day, so after ensuring all of the boxes packed with auction items and VIP gift bag goodies were picked up at 890, we were headed down to Spring Place. The event space was transformed thanks to Fallon Sullivan leading us in arranging the auction item displays and Claire McGregor setting up an assembly line of staff to stuff swag bags. At around 6 all of the staff changed out of our sneakers and jeans into swanky Harlequinade themed outfits to excitedly set up a check in table for the guests long-awaited arrival. Before I knew it, the party was in full swing and everyone was having a blast! In between dancing, mingling, silent auctioning and photoboothing, the night flew by and we were all sent home with a VIP gift bag of our very own.

After being a part of such a tremendous event, I am surer than ever that the Special Events department was the right choice for me. The day-to-day work in the office is crucial to the realization of events like Junior Turnout but getting to see it all materialize and partake in the celebration really resonated with me. I am so looking forward to all of the exciting events this Fall still has in store and continuing to pitch in around the office. Dancing has been my passion for almost two decades and I am thrilled to be a part of a prestigious company like ABT, one way or another.

Fiona Huber

Special Events and Development Assistant Intern

Fall 2018

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