Seeing How the Magic is Made

6 Dec

Three years ago, I attended ABT’s Collegiate Intensive for the first time. From the very first day, I knew ABT had something very special. The next year, I went to the Collegiate Intensive again, not wanting to give up another opportunity to spend some of my summer at the 890 Broadway studios. Then, a year later, I received an email saying that I would be the Fall 2018 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School Intern. I could not wait to be back at ABT, this time learning how all the magic is made.

Now, I am finishing up the fall internship program at ABT and I am so thankful for this experience. From the start of my time as an intern, the Education Department has made me feel so welcome. I feel so lucky being able to work with such hard working people who are dedicated to making a great experience for every single student who goes through the school. I have gained so much valuable knowledge and insight about the program from Rebecca Schwartz, Katie Ferris, Katie Currier, Emily Wolfe and everyone else in the Education Department.

The Education Department accomplished so many amazing things during this semester and I was lucky to be a small part of it all. One of my first weekends in the office was spent with Rebecca Schwartz in a rush to check in about 100 students in 15 minutes for the Romeo and Juliet Repertory Intensive. The next weekend, I spent my morning sitting on a blanket on Madison Avenue decorating sailor hats with children to get them excited for Fancy Free, which was being performed in the upcoming Fall Season. A few weeks later, there was the Family Friendly Matinee at the Koch Theatre. I handed out “passports” to excited children in their Halloween Costumes, all eager to see the ballet.

Some of my other days were spent making IDs for the students, making weekly schedules, painting ballet shoes, or making a quick trip to the Capezio store to get tights for a Studio Company performance. Between the big events and the day-to-day, I have seen just how much work is put into making a great experience for all the students and children that the Education Department works with.


This internship has given me so many opportunities and introduced me to a lot of wonderful people. After being both a summer intensive student and now an intern, I can easily say that ABT is truly a special place.  I am so grateful for my time as an intern is ABT.

Brenna Budaj

JKO School Intern

Fall 2018

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