Seeing the Old, Meeting the New at ABT

18 Jun

My time interning at ABT has only just begun, but I have already learned so much. Most of the skills I’ve learned are very practical and not incredibly glamorous, but there is something satisfying about learning those administrative skills that higher education seems to neglect. I have also met many kind, intelligent, and dedicated people (including my fellow interns!) that reflect how ABT fosters an open and supportive work environment. Something I didn’t expect during my time at ABT, however, was seeing some familiar names and faces.

I grew up dancing at a small studio in Raleigh, North Carolina where everyone knows each other. Dance was a formative part of my childhood: while my classmates participated in sports after school, I attended ballet and modern classes almost every day of the week. Time has passed since I danced everyday. It was difficult to dedicate as much time as I used to while in college. My love for dance, however, has continued to thrive throughout the years, and it has inspired my interest in arts administration and my decision to intern at ABT. Here, I work for the National Training Curriculum (NTC), a program that is dedicated to developing physically and artistically strong dancers. A big part of teaching these students is, of course, teaching the teachers, and many of my daily tasks revolve around Teacher Training Sessions. NTC Certified Teachers can submit their students for examinations, where students receive feedback on their technique and teachers receive feedback on their instruction. I compare it to the Cecchetti examinations I grew up taking, so, if you know what the word “Cecchetti” means, NTC is similar to that!

On my second day, I was proofreading rubrics from some of these examinations. NTC Certified Teachers come from all over the world, so it was incredible to see the name of one of my teachers from my studio on a folder I had to review! Then, later that same day, some dancers participating in ABT’s collegiate intensive came into the office to buy tickets for a company performance. I thought I recognized one of the dancers, and after we stared at each other for a few seconds we confirmed that we knew each other because we danced at the same studio. First a familiar name, now a familiar face! We chatted for a bit, amazed that we ran into each other once again years later at ABT.

Since that day I have not seen anyone else or any other names reminiscent of my studio in North Carolina. But I think those moments stand as a testament to the community ABT strives to create. NTC, among the many other programs ABT offers, attracts individuals from around the world who all aspire to dance and support others’ dance experiences. I am honored to be part of such an initiative and support a program that brings people together. It was fun to see some familiar names and faces, but I am already grateful for all the new people I have had the opportunity to meet and look forward to meeting even more during this internship.

So, on that note: I can’t wait to see some unfamiliar faces this summer. Here’s to new connections and new relationships!

Sarah Miller

National Training Curriculum Intern

Summer 2019

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