A New Intern, Literally

31 Jul

It’s hard to believe that my summer internship with the American Ballet Theatre comes to a close this week. It feels like just yesterday I was anxiously checking my email to find out if I had been selected to intern for this phenomenal organization. I remember exactly where I was when I received it – backstage on opening night of a performance in college, how fitting!

I am currently double majoring in Dance and Exercise Science at the University of Alabama. I am also pursuing a minor in Nutrition with concentrations in both Sport and Fitness Management and Health Promotion. I am also the historian for our dance department, and love producing dance films and working with photography. Needless to say, I have a wide variety of interests and absolutely love learning. I knew I wanted to work this summer somewhere that would inspire me to see what path I wanted to pursue post undergrad, and ABT was absolutely the most perfect place.

ABT gave me an extremely unique opportunity. They created a position for an intern this summer that had never been done before. After interviewing with the ABT Education Department with the JKO school, my resume was sent to the National Training Curriculum Department. NTC had wanted the opportunity to archive footage of their training and my application came at the right time. From there, I was given the opportunity to create a promotional video in conjunction with the marketing department. My first assignment was at the Metropolitan Opera House with over 3,000 public school students to film for ABTKids. ABTKids is one of the impactful outreach programs ABT does, allowingstudents in the community to come witness a production of excerpts from some of ABT’s ballets. I ran around, capturing some of the sweetest and heartwarming smiles of the children who were so entranced by the aura that is the MET. I was then given access to the press box and proceeded to film for the rest of the show. I couldn’t wait to get home and piece together a video for my advisors.

After I sent my video to the marketing departments, other departments contacted me wanting a similar project done. I was ecstatic that people loved my work and was excited to continue creating. I ended up producing a video for the ABT Supernumeraries and then another for the Summer Intensive, on top of photographing for the National Training Curriculum, the Collegiate Intensive, and the Summer Intensive. Producing the ABT Super’s video was probably one of my favorite memories of my summer here at ABT. A press memo was sent out (with my name on it!) and I was sent over to the MET with two press representatives who were so kind and willing to assist me in any way they could. I filmed “fly-on-the-wall” style, quietly capturing the excitement backstage. Being in that environment made me feel more a part of the ABT family than ever. I truly felt the magic and never wanted that night to end.

ABT has treated me with so much kindness, respect, and professionalism. My experience here not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Every time I walk into 890 I know how lucky I am to be here and I cannot wait to start working.

I decided to put together a video to show some highlights of my time at ABT, because some things are too special to put into words. I hope you enjoy!

Emilia Stuart

National Training Curriculum Intern, Media Production

Summer 2019

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