A Summer of Excitement

1 Aug

Before my first day at ABT, I did not quite know what to expect. Growing up, I watched ABT perform in The Kennedy Center which inspired me to become a ballerina. I danced professionally for 7 years before deciding to change my path and pursue my undergraduate degree at Columbia University. ABT has been a pillar of my upbringing, a company I have always admired, so I felt incredibly fortunate to have spent the summer learning what goes into the administration and executive side, parallel to the artistic.

As an Executive Office intern, I worked under Meredith Shell (Executive Assistant) and Kara Barnett (Executive Director). Most of my time was spent doing general administrative and organizational work at the 890 offices. Working alongside two intelligent and hardworking women was a learning experience every day. No two days were identical and each day pushed me to think quickly and efficiently, while also maintaining flexibility in a work environment. The variety of projects allowed me to cultivate my own abilities and there is no doubt that these skills and experiences will translate to my daily and academic life.


The Internship program full of interesting artistic opportunities such as seeing ABT perform at The Met (Jane Eyre, Le Corsaire, Twyla Tharp Trio, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty), meeting other interns at the Roundabout Theater, and tour the Pointe Magazine offices. The employees at ABT are kind, exuberant, supportive, and passionate about their jobs, which speaks volumes to the organization as a whole. My summer was one full of growth, encouragement, and excitement thanks to ABT.

Mimi Tompkins

Executive office Intern

Summer 2019

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