A Unicorn Amongst the Donkeys

3 Dec

I used to say dancers were like the unicorns of the world, and they were surrounded in a field of donkeys. That’s also how I saw myself coming into this internship. A graceless donkey coming into work with some of the most poised, professional and unbelievably talented and hard-working people I have ever met.

I came into ABT strictly with a theatre background, having just graduated and earning my BFA in Stage Management from across the country. it was definitely a big change to go from working exclusively in production to working in the office. I moved into the city and started this job on the same day, so life was definitely crazy to start coming into this position. I had previously shadowed backstage during the 2018 Met Season at ABT, and I absolutely fell in love with not only dance but the company. The dedication towards putting on such an amazing show really inspired me, and I decided that this is the kind of place that I want to be in.

I had never worked in an office before, nor had I ever worked under and with such amazing women, these people are some of the best in the world at what they do and that goes both artistically and administratively as well. Working with Kara was truly an inspiration watching her work and getting a peek into her life and the way she works was truly a privilege. Working with the Executive Assistant, Meredith, has also been amazing and seeing someone working so hard and so successfully really inspired me to push myself so she could count on me, and also made me a better worker.

This experience has made me grow in ways that I had never even considered, and it has absolutely given me some invaluable tools as I continue into my career. I came into this experience interested in diving into something new and seeing how the skills I learned in school could be used to apply myself to a totally different area, in a company that I really respected. Over the course of my time with ABT, I have really been able to grow in new areas that I had never even considered doing previously. My cover letter, resume, and interview skills have all improved significantly, and I feel so much more prepared leaving then I did when I came into the position.

My experience with ABT in this position has been invaluable, and I am so grateful for all I was able to learn and for all of the people I was able to meet. It was truly wonderful, as a donkey, getting to hang with some unicorns and feeling like a part of something truly special.


Tim Wils

Executive Office Intern

Fall 2019

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