Advice To The Curious Applicant

4 Dec

Trying to think back to my first day arriving at 890 Broadway, all I could feel was the blood pumping through me as I climbed the same staircases David Hallberg and Misty Copeland climbed (much easier than I ever did, I must add). My first day feels so different than that compared to my last—a million memories and moments have happened that brought me here, writing to you and letting you know that my experience with ABT has been nothing short of a magical one.

Before I submitted my Internship Application, I poured through this Internship Blog page, trying to read all the first-hand experiences that happened within the studios and offices home to legends in the Ballet World. Even though I did all this research and gave everything I had into my application, nothing prepared me for all the knowledge, experience, and excitement I would gain throughout the next season of my life working with America’s National Ballet Company.

If you are reading this as a curious applicant (as I was a couple months ago), know that your first few days you will feel clueless. The building is a labyrinth and there are so many people who are such masters at their jobs and their crafts that you will wonder who on earth thought to give you a shot.

But then, you will work your hardest on any project they give you, and you will begin to know the people in your department (and others), and suddenly you will be able to give directions to that certain studio or that person’s office before you even know it.

And you will be so incredibly grateful—because the chance to intern at American Ballet Theatre is one that does not come across often, if ever, so when it does grab hold of it and indulge in the beautiful piano you hear echoing down the halls and listen to your mentors that have an incredible amount of knowledge, not only about the company, but about life in general. Take every opportunity with open arms and even if you work early mornings and late nights, appreciate all those who are there with you and the valuable projects you are creating!

The biggest lessons I learned have come from the youngest children in the classes I assisted to those who have worked here the majority of their careers. Opportunities and lessons are around every corner at 890 Broadway, if you are curious and excited enough to go after them.

As sappy as it may sound, I am forever grateful to all those who made my ABT Education Internship such a valuable and wonderful experience. Both the children and adults I have met will leave a lasting imprint on the work I do moving forward.

Carolyn Bakich

Education Intern

Fall 2019

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