My ABT Journey

5 Dec

Working at the American Ballet Theatre has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The fact that I get to listen to music from the dance studios while sitting at my desk and getting to peak at classes and rehearsals when I walk through the hallways of the office is still unbelievable to me. I have been a dancer all my life and this internship allowed me to be a part of the dance industry in a very different and special way. This Fall, I worked on the Development Department as a Patron Services intern. I got to work alongside incredibly talented and driven people that have taught me a lot.

It didn’t hit me that I was working for such an amazing company until my second week at ABT when I was asked to sit and watch a company class with one of our donors. I got to witness the incredible dancers take class for an hour and a half, which is something you don’t get to do in any job. My mind was completely blown after seeing so much talent in one room. That is when I realized how lucky I am to be working for one of the best ballet companies in the world. I got the opportunity to see these dancers in action from taking class, to going into rehearsals and to finally taking the stage.

890 Broadway wasn’t our only office, we got to work at the Koch Theatre as well. Getting to call this mesmerizing place a work space is another thing that I couldn’t yet wrap my head around. We were at the Koch for two weeks which were the most chaotic but rewarding weeks of the semester. Here, I got to work several dress rehearsals, an onstage company class, the Fall Gala, the Family Friendly Matinee.

All the dancing I got to see and the events I got to work were incredible but what I value the most about this internship is the people I got the pleasure to meet. ABT welcomed us with open arms and made us team players since day one. No day is the same at ABT, every day I got new tasks that taught me new skills and improved my existing ones. My mentor Fallon, guided me through these months and made this internship fun, dynamic, and challenging at the same time. I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn from incredible people alongside a wonderful group of interns that I now get to call my friends. I am grateful for all the learning experiences, fun events, and people that ABT left me with. Thank you ABT for being part of my journey.

Liza De la Garza

Patron Services Intern

Fall 2019

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