A Family of Finance Stars

21 May

The doors open and I exit the train at Union Square getting swept up into the flow of people rushing, or dawdling, to get to their offices as a new day begins. Two blocks to the doors of 890 Broadway. People begin to disperse as I cross 17th street at the top of the park passing the familiar, yet ever changing, store display. Another street closer to the office and soon I fall in line with those I recognize as dancers, people I’ve admired as stars since I was four years old, and office staff. Together, we enter beneath the waving marker of our home and pile into the elevator that carries us to our destinations and give our thanks to the elevator operator and to Roseanne’s warm smile before we part ways within the building. Down the hall and into the room that holds the lively finance team. 


Even on my first day I felt that I was part of the family. Beginning day one Godwin gave me my first assignment, which was to pull financial information for the 2018 Cultural Data project (CDP), and was very helpful and happy to answer any questions I had. As my days in the office with the team went on, I was able to help with projects, such as competing tax Form 1042-S’s, helping prepare for the annual audit, and other projects for Talisa and Shawn. Birthdays were celebrated within the small group with cakes added to the sweets table and I quickly grew accustomed to my morning commute, saying “hi” to Belzin as I entered the finance space, Sandra’s laugh, Darrell’s friendly smile, Talisa’s “good morning” and yoga mat near her desk, Shawn and Godwin’s frequent hockey chat, and Marianne’s voice always keeping things entertaining. But then hand sanitizer hit our desks and soon after I wasn’t seeing the team three times a week as normal. 


After 890 Broadway closed its doors in response to the pandemic, I found myself away from the office, communicating through email instead of my usual 45 degree turn to Godwin. Despite the distance between us, however, I still feel that I am part of the family. I have been able to work on projects remotely, such as working with Belzin on Summer Intensive 2020 refunds for students and know that I am just an email away.


Even though my experience as an intern didn’t turn out as I had expected I am very fortunate to say that I was able to gain new experience and knowledge and meet many wonderful people. I believe that every experience brings us new knowledge and I will be closing my internship experience and moving forward with nothing less than positive and abundant knowledge that I did not expect. When you become an intern at ABT and, more specifically a finance intern, you are not just an intern, but part of the family. As a finance intern, you will be relied upon to complete projects correctly, but always under the aid of incredibly knowledgeable people like Godwin, who are there to help you succeed and teach you everything you don’t know and more. 


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work and learn with the finance team at ABT. My younger self aspired to be the dancers I recognize on the street and rode the elevator with, but now, with no disappointment, my dream has moved down the hall to the finance department whose members I now aspire to be. And the amazing part about being the finance intern at 890 Broadway, is that you are allowed to see how it feels to be one of them. A star. 


Leeann Minard

Finance Intern

Spring 2020

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