Waltzing Through A Pandemic

21 May

To say this semester has been interesting would be a drastic understatement. A few weeks into January, the second half of my Studio Management Internship with American Ballet Theatre kicked off in full swing. Running through the snowy NYC streets to make it to 890 Broadway, I was suddenly hit with a feeling of gratitude and frostbite. Those first few weeks back were exciting and freezing, and I was looking forward to what the Spring had to offer.

Around mid-March, Covid19 had become a global pandemic, and made everyone aware of the health hazards from commuting throughout the city. While panic began to creep into studios, hallways, and elevators, a sense of teamwork and camaraderie heightened within the ABT Departments. Slowly, companies all over New York began to close temporarily and American Ballet Theatre remained committed to keeping its dancers and staff safe by doing the same.

It became nerve-wracking wondering what would happen to the rest of my internship for the remaining two months of my time with ABT. However, a global pandemic would be no match for the company’s tenacity and poise. While the thought of remote work for a company that lasts on communal dynamic seemed impossible, ABT thrived by communicating virtually. My greatest joy over the last few months has been experiencing and adapting to this new and scary world we are all facing, together. I have been serving as an intern for nine months with the company, and my pride has never been stronger for it than these last two. The amount of work that each individual poured into their work has tripled since this quarantine has started, and I am in awe of each person who has worked tirelessly from home to keep the company thriving throughout its 80th year. What an honor it has been to work with everyone, and I look forward to seeing everyone smiling and laughing throughout the offices again!

Carolyn Bakich

JKO Intern

Spring 2020

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