A Day in The Life of a Membership Intern

22 May

When I first applied to be a Membership Intern with American Ballet Theatre, I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect. I had never worked for a non-profit before, never mind a performing arts organization, but I was excited at the prospect of learning as much as I could. Now in May, nearly 5 months after submitting that initial application, I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Are you considering applying to ABT, and curious about what a typical day could look like? Well look no further – here is a description of my day as an ABT intern on a Friday in January. 

I arrived at 890 Broadway at about 10:00 am, with just enough time to drop my stuff off at my desk before the weekly intern meeting, today being held in the conference room. Today’s topic was about non-profit organizations: their structure, their operations, how they make money, and how they differ from for-profit companies. As a Business major, I found this topic to be particularly interesting. 

The meeting ended at 11, and I and a few other interns made our way downstairs to the Dancer’s Lounge, to help out with the Studio Visit that was happening that day. During a studio visit, members are given an exclusive, behind the scenes look at ABT, and invited to come and watch the dancers rehearse for their upcoming performances. Today, there were about 75 members in all, and I helped to greet them, and direct them to and from studios. There were extra chairs in the studios, so I was allowed to sit in and watch the rehearsals as well, which was incredible, and something I will never forget. After the event and hearing about how much the members enjoyed themselves, I was able to see in that moment how it all came together: the membership team, the larger development department, the members, and even the dancers, all in pursuit of ABT’s mission. 

For the rest of the afternoon, I worked on assembling and sending out acknowledgement packets, sent to members and other donors, to thank them for their contributions to ABT. I also completed some database edits, where I updated member’s phone numbers, addresses, and their preferences for being listed in the playbill that would be distributed during the upcoming season. Although not every day of my internship was as busy as this one, I can truly say that I learned something new each time I stepped into the building. I would like to thank my mentor, Alex, as well as the rest of the membership team for being so kind and ensuring I had the best internship experience possible! 

Samantha Laurelli 

Membership Intern

Spring 2020

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