JKO Intern Reflections

9 Dec

As a dance student entering my senior year of college, I was nervous as to how transitioning into virtual learning would impact my dance training and educational experience this semester. Dance students and educators across the globe have all faced the challenge of how to move their instruction into a meaningful virtual format this semester, and as the JKO School Intern this semester I had the unique opportunity to be apart of this process and assist the wonderful JKO School team in cultivating high-level training and attempting to replicate the JKO community atmosphere online.

In weekly team meetings, we discussed ways in which we could improve the online learning experience for the students, and my main role as an intern was administrating the Zoom classes. As a zoom administrator, I witnessed the resilience and creativity of both young students and teachers in adapting to the online studio environment. I was impressed with how teachers were able to engage their students and got a little taste of the students’ lives as they introduced their pets and shared stories about their lives at the start and end of classes.

While I would love to venture to 890 Broadway, interning this semester was special as I felt I experienced this tremendous challenge to dance training and was able to support the JKO staff, faculty, and students, in overcoming it.  I helped to coordinate a wellness workshop series with the Harkness Center for Dance injures in order to cultivate the school community and give JKO families the opportunity to learn about best practices for dancing at home. I helped to create virtual classes to be posted on social media for students to take. In assisting in executing this programming, I watched the JKO School go above and beyond to create a rich and authentic virtual learning space and make ballet become more accessible than it ever has been to the larger community.

I had a fantastic experience with ABT this semester, and feel immense gratitude to Katie, Katie, and Jenna for their continued support and mentorship. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the JKO school community!

Sophie Visscher-Lubinizki

JKO School Intern

Fall 2020

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