A Semester With the NTC

14 May

Following an unusual undergraduate graduation in May of 2020, I decided to spend the
next academic year earning my master’s degree through the ABT/NYU partnership program and
subsequently received an internship in the National Training Curriculum department at ABT! I
was intrigued to apply for this position by the promise of an incredibly unique opportunity to
learn about the administrative side of the NTC, all while earning my own certifications. In
January of 2021, I was welcomed into department and also met another NTC intern on our

Over the course of the semester, I worked alongside the NTC department to prepare for
virtual teacher training sessions. With the past year being the first time the training sessions
were offered entirely online, we had almost 100 participants enrolled from around the globe
learning the curriculum together. Raymond Lukens and Franco De Vita, the authors of the
curriculum and my instructors at NYU, were able to host the trainings for this diverse group of
teachers from their home in Florida. My personal responsibilities included organizing
participant information and exercises, engaging with participants, screen sharing for lectures,
grading exams, preparing packages to be returned to participants and collaborating closely with
the NTC team to handle anything else that came up.

As I look back in the rearview mirror at this experience, it stands out to me how this all-
female team was welcoming and accessible as they showed me the way, while still
accomplishing the incredible feat of training teachers from around the world in the ABT curriculum.

They were trusting and gracious as they handed over responsibilities and I never
doubted my importance as we completed the many administrative tasks of these trainings

Jillian Marziotti

National Training Curriculum Intern

Spring 2021

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