The Hidden Work of the JKO School Staff

2 Aug

In March 2021, the JKO School was able to quickly adapt their teaching to an online format. A year and a half later, we are still stuck behind our computer screens. As an intern with the JKO School this summer, so far, it has been a very unique experience. In a normal year, I would have been roaming the halls of 890, but this year I am in my own apartment, trying to soak in any information possible about the school and company. Even though it has been a very different experience, I have learned so much from the confines of my computer and Zoom. The staff are trying their best to integrate all the interns into the company and show us the ropes even though we are not in person. They have all been extremely welcoming and want to teach us as much as possible. 

Just like many other ballet or education schools, JKO is currently in the in-between phase from being stuck behind a computer screen to the gradual return to in-person teaching. This transition phase is very exciting as it comes with a number of uncertainties, countless questions and hours of brainstorming. Through the internship experience, I got to see first hand the staff work altogether to try to figure out the smoothest transition back to in-person teaching. Attending these different meetings has really opened my eyes to all the hard work that goes into the organization of a dance school as well as trying to figure out this unique situation we currently are living through. There are so many individuals that partake in and contribute to these different meetings. They share ideas with one another, and bounce off each other’s energy as they try to figure out this tough situation. They work so hard and often their work goes unseen. When you are a student at a dance studio, you never really think of the hard work that goes into the functioning and organization of a dance studio. Seeing all these people come together was really inspiring. They put in so much work for all the students to have the best experience possible. As an intern, I got a unique, inside look at all the hard work that they put in. It really opened my eyes to all the different jobs in a dance school.

Over the summer, I have also had the opportunity to moderate and host a number of different Zoom classes for the Summer Intensive program. It has been so interesting to see the Summer Intensive come alive through a computer screen. Every week, a new cohort of students joins the Zoom sessions from countries all around the world like Hong Kong, Mexico, London, Italy, Argentina and the list just goes on. No matter where the students are in the world and no matter what time of day it is, they always join the class with a big smile on their face, ready to take class. Some of these students are starting their days at 1am. Their dedication to the art form is so inspiring. They come back everyday and keep pushing through week after week. 

This internship experience has been very eye opening and has taught me so much. I am so grateful to have spent the summer with the JKO School even though it was online. I had such an amazing experience and it was such a fulfilling educational experience. 

Emilie Trauchessec

JKO School Intern

Summer 2021

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