Making virtual connections in NYC

4 Aug

When my internship search began, I knew I wanted to work for a performing arts company in some aspect. Ever since I was little the arts have been something that have enriched my life, and something that I have always been passionate about. With that being said I knew I wanted to work in this industry. With the pandemic and lots of arts companies coming to a halt, I hadn’t found any internships in the arts, until I found this opportunity with ABT. A world renowned ballet company in NYC with thousands of donors and fans, I realized this is it. This is the job for me. After spending the past 10 weeks interning with ABT, that still remains true and I can’t say enough good things about this company. 

Working in Membership within the Development department has been such an eye opening experience in many ways. I have really learned so much about how important the Development department is to how ABT functions but also to how any non-profit organization runs. Also, I have learned how vital it is to emphasize stewardship among donors and even in a virtual world that is still possible. There are still so many ways to keep people engaged in what ABT is doing and to get them involved. In addition, this internship has introduced me to so many amazing people and I have been grateful enough to learn from and hear about their experiences working with ABT and in the performing arts industry. Everyone that I had the chance to meet were professional, treated us with respect and like we were full-time staff. I couldn’t ask for more from an internship!

One of the things I looked forward to most about this internship was getting the opportunity to get into the arts scene in New York. I have loved the city ever since I was young and have always wanted to work and live there. Living in a small town in Michigan I didn’t think it would be possible, especially during a pandemic. ABT gave me an opportunity to finally get my feet wet in the New York arts life and get a little glimpse into what it is all about. Even though I was not able to be in the city this summer and see ABT in person, I still felt that I was able to network with people and be connected to the beautiful work ABT is doing. Being able to see videos of the company dancing across America this summer made me proud and humbled to say I work for that and I had a part in making that happen!

In sum, this summer has been everything I wished for and more. This company allowed me to do work that matters and that is important to the overall wellbeing of the company. I am beyond grateful for the valuable skills I have learned, the people I had the privilege of working with (shoutout Ali, Grace, Jackie, and Grey!!), and getting to work for America’s National Ballet Company. 

Bryce Stevens

Membership Intern

Summer 2021

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