My Summer Experience at ABT

7 Aug

Serving as an intern the Development department at ABT has truly been an experience unlike any other.  Not only is the internship program well-structured and fulfilling across the board, but the Development staff is also incredibly hospitable and welcoming, allowing me to feel like a true member of the team this summer. 

As a Development intern, I had the privilege of gaining experience in a wide variety of projects that ultimately carried a significant impact.  For example, my weekly tasks included collecting news relevant to the work of the team, such as prospect alerts, competition, and reports on donors and foundations.  Researching and compiling articles allowed me to stay connected to the news, and I am certain that this is a practice I will continue to use in the future.

One of my favorite projects has been creating invitations and posters to be shared with board members and donors.  Having the opportunity to tap into my creative side, while also learning about the processes behind producing events and generating support, was incredibly meaningful to me.

All in all, I am so grateful for the connections I have made, the community I was wholly accepted by, and the learning experiences that contributed significantly to my growth – I can not recommend this internship enough!

Maya Reilly

Development Assistant Intern

Summer 2021

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