Coming Full Circle with ABT

15 Jan

Beyond the wonderful past few months I’ve had as a membership intern with American Ballet Theatre, the company has had a profound impact on my life. My first summer intensive as a ballet dancer and my first time living in an apartment in New York City was with ABT in the summer of 2013. I fell head over heels in love with ballet, ABT, and New York that year and again in 2014. Those 5 weeks both years confirmed for me that I had to move to the city, and 7 years later I did just that.  

Returning to the 890 Broadway studios, where I first entered as a dancer, as an intern was such a wonderful, full-circle experience for me. Although I decided not to pursue dance professionally, ABT has provided me with the opportunity to combine my deep passion for ballet with the skills that I have gained over the past few years in development and connecting with people. With the guidance from Grey, Grace, and the rest of the membership department, I have gotten to help with sending out thank you gifts to donors, assisted individual donors with their memberships, and spoken with members over the phone about their donations and connection with ABT. My communication skills, both externally through donors and internally through my supervisors, have improved immensely during the course of the internship.  

The highlight of my internship would hands-down be getting to help with the membership table during the Fall 2021 season. We assisted with answering questions that people who were attending the performances had about the membership levels at ABT, during which I got to speak with a board member and the mother of a dancer that I highly admire! It was also incredible getting to watch as many of the performances as I could fit into my schedule – I ended up watching 6 performances in 8 days. Feeling the excitement of the audience watching a live ballet for the first time in about 2 years and seeing so many of the dancers that I have followed on social media again was surreal.  

Ballet and connecting with people have always been my deepest passions, and my time as a membership intern with ABT elegantly combined the two. I will also always have the deepest gratitude to ABT for being the reason why I knew that I needed to live in New York, and for being one of the first things to welcome me back with open arms once I did.  

Ashley Tern

Membership Intern

Fall 2021

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