Curtains Up!

15 Jan

I’m thrilled that I got to be a part of the ABT team during this fall season, when the curtains at the Koch theatre rose once again on this amazing company. The feeling that washed over me as I heard an orchestra tune up for the first time in nearly two years was unparalleled to anything I have felt in recent memory. I was honored to be a part, however small, in this terrific milestone for not only for ABT but also for the greater NYC performance community.  

Having the opportunity to intern on the Major Gifts team within the Development department was an excellent opportunity to bring the classroom to life. After a few classes on development, I was ready to put my textbook learning to practical use in an actual development setting. This internship provided exactly that. I was able to grow familiar and comfortable with some of the day-to-day development operations at a large nonprofit arts organization, something I certainly couldn’t have learned in a classroom setting alone.  

The fall gala was the pinnacle of the experience for me, as I witnessed the culmination of my work and projects leading up to that moment, and how exactly I was integral in the success of the event. I laid eyes on donors whose names I had grown familiar with, humanizing the names on paper in the database. To see these people whose donations made it possible for this performance to even go on helped me fully realize the importance of development and gave me a great sense of satisfaction in my work. 

The entire team at ABT, from staff to my peers within the internship program, created an exciting and welcoming energy that I was happy to step into. I’m glad that I had this opportunity, as it will prove beneficial in my future decisions and endeavors. Even if I don’t continue down the path of development, I have a greater appreciation and understanding of the field that can only serve to make me a better arts administrator, no matter what path I choose. 

Maria Tolzmann

Major Gifts Intern

Fall 2021

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