Reminiscing on My ABT Experience

15 Jan

As I finish up my internship with the marketing department, I am reminiscing on the various projects that I did. I came into the internship wondering how I would fit into such a large organization and curious as to how I would be impactful to the organization. I would be lying if I said that I was worried about being swallowed by its structure. However, I can confidently say that not only was I not swallowed by it, but I could see the direct impact of my projects withing the organization.  

Each project I worked on were tailored to my interests and skills, so my projects did not necessarily mirror the other intern in my department. One of my projects involved improving a heat map of sold seats in past season that is filterable by both year and performance in excel. This not only improved my skills in excel but the sheet is now used to easily compare sales from different seasons by the Marketing Manager. My other projects involved anything from creating a comp ticket reservation system, to analyzing ABT social media content to find the best forms of content. These projects were equally impactful in the organization and were both educational and engaging. 

Each Friday all the interns gathered for a meeting which featured incredible guests. Some speakers included the dancers and directors from each department who gave a presentation, and we were offered the opportunity to ask questions. There were also master classes on resumes, cover letter writing, and interview strategies. 

After working with the marketing department for several months I can say that everyone in the company is very kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable about what they do. Interacting with other interns was equally special, we all came from unique backgrounds which offered great opportunities to meet and converse with peers that will be lifelong connections. 

Luckily, I was an intern during the fall season. Not only did I work many performances, but I attended several shows every week. When I was working it was wonderful interacting with patrons and other staff. It was an instance where I would be able to talk with staff members from the development, education, press, and other departments. When the lights dimmed, and the performance started it was a privilege to know that I was involved in creating this performance at Lincoln Center. 

Austin Rannestad 

Marketing Intern 

Fall 2021 

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