An Amazing Journey with the Press Team at ABT

2 Mar

It has been a wonderful journey. ABT makes me feel like I’m living in a dream. I still remember the first interview I had with the press team as if everything happened yesterday. 

There are too many impressive moments that I have experienced during these three short months. Along with weekly press clips, I wrote pitches, blog posts, media email lists, interview questions, fall season pull quotes, creative team bios, and proofread press releases and the Impact Report. Thanks to my mentor Delia’s unconditional help, I have honed a comprehensive knowledge of how press and PR contribute to the performing arts field. The Fall season was incredible. The shows warmed my heart indeed. The great elements presented what America’s biggest and most famous ballet theater should look like. I am super proud to become a member of the ABT community. 

The press team is small, but full of love and warmness. My mentor Delia has been teaching me so much and patiently answering my thousands of questions every week; Kelly is very considerate about us and always makes clear, quick, and smart decisions, she’s definitely my career icon! Laura is super nice and sweet as always; Lourdes is the great leader, always so generous and helpful; Susie is very independent and cooperative. Everyone has been taking good care of me and we always successfully make the best scenario happen. 

However, every journey has an ending. We must close the door to open a new one. I am already lucky enough and super grateful to have the chance to work with and have learned so much from my team. I am and will always be cherishing this journey with ABT, carrying all these wonderful and unforgettable experiences to my future endeavors. The pleasure is all mine. 

Isabella Sun

Press Intern

Fall 2021

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