ABT Education & Training Spring 2022

7 Jun

My time as an intern felt very short lived. I applied to be a marketing intern position in the Fall of 2021, but was not chosen. I tried again, but with a department that resonated with me better and it was a match. Being in school with NYU/ABT made me feel like I was in two different places in the same world. None of my work in each entity collided which was very refreshing, but they enhanced each other as time went on.

            I was in charge primarily with the facilitation of ABT’s Open Division. Every week I would open up the zoom room for dancers all over the world to come and take part in ABT’s Open Division, taught by professional teachers/dancers. I was in charge of making sure the accompanist was taken care of and that if anything went wrong, I’d be there to resolve/support. I also made social media flyers for Instagram every week. One thing that stood out to me in that process was staying on brand with ABT’s social media. That was really important and it was hard for me as an artist sometimes to make a post that wasn’t inventive, creative, or me. I learned that a company is not just one person, but it’s every moving part moving together. As small as the posts were, I had to take a step back and understand that the art is falling in line too.

Dominique Fontenot

Education & Training Intern

Spring 2022

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