Ballet Figures

7 Jun

I have always been in awe of ballet. Since I was a little girl, I absolutely loved watching ballet performances, listening to the music, and mimicking the dance positions in my room with my own frilly tutu. I was captivated by how all the various elements of ballet came together to create a masterpiece. During my internship experience, I was similarly captivated by just how many different departments and teams of enthusiastic people come together to keep this beautiful art form available to the public.

Interning in the finance department, I learned so much about nonprofits and arts management. I learned the nuances of how to manage executive finances, stay within regulations and mandates, and organize funds to work towards the company mission statement. On the first day of the semester, I had a detailed conversation with my mentor, Godwin, about his role, how I could contribute to the department, and how the department contributes to the larger whole that is the ABT community. This first day pep talk got me inspired to learn and ready to take on my projects with gusto.

My tasks ranged from preparing 1042-S tax forms to navigating Financial Edge journal entries to conducting bank reconciliations, and all gave me the opportunity to hone my analytical skills as well as soft skills. Communicating with my mentor allowed me to learn most effectively and complete my projects more efficiently. It also made me practice my time management skills as I had to balance deadlines and manage expectations throughout the semester.

While the difficulties around COVID made it difficult to meet the ABT team in person, I felt like I got to know my fellow interns and mentors across different departments through our weekly intern meetings. Every week, I got a distinct perspective on how passionate employees contribute to the ballet world and make it possible to share this art with others. Sometimes, I saw how projects I worked on tied into another department, like the budget allocations and credit card charges for the artistic director and production teams. These experiences truly made me feel part of the ABT family.

I am so happy I had the opportunity to work in the ABT Finance Department under Godwin’s guidance this semester. I learned many new skills and sharpened some old ones that I know will be useful for my career down the road.

Michelle Rozelman

Finance Intern

Spring 2022

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