My ABT Journey

7 Jun

After applying for ABT I was pleasantly surprised to receive an interview for the press department since I did not have any previous experience working in press. I was a little hesitant and nervous before starting the internship because of my lack of experience. However, I am astounded by how much I enjoyed working within press and how much I learned along the way. I had so many wonderful opportunities that provided me with an amazing and educational journey.

I believe I accomplished so much at ABT in just a few months. In addition to creating the weekly newsletters I was responsible for collecting press clippings, updating the media email list, pulling quotes, monitoring press, transcribing interviews, editing a dance reel for Single Eye and pitching press ideas. I also had the chance to strengthen my writing abilities by working on press releases, articles for On Pointe and media alerts. One of the best experiences I had was attending and assisting with an in person Photoshoot with Departures Magazine. It was so exciting and cool to watch the dancers pose for this shoot and being able to help assist.

I am so thankful for Delia, Susie, Laura, Lourdes and Kelly for being so welcoming, helpful and caring. My contributions and suggestions were always valued and appreciated. Anytime I expressed interest in working in a certain area my team went out of their way to assign me with projects that matched my interests. I always felt excited and intrigued about my projects and everyday brought something new and unique that I got to work on. I am so happy I was able to help out within the press department and feel like I was making an impact on ABT. I am grateful for this experience and I am going to miss being a part of ABT’s team!

Nicole Quinn

Press Intern

Spring 2022

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